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See our EVENTS page for details about the Return of the Captives and the Tavern Dinner

Near Pittsburgh, on July 9, 1755...

a French and Native American force decimated a small British and colonial army

And thus the story of the captives started. In raids across the length and breadth of Pennsylvania, French troops and their Indian allies fought bitterly to remove the British Army and colonial settlers from the part of the New World which they considered to be theirs. General Braddocks ill-fated march to attempt to capture Fort Duquesne effectively left them free to pillage the frontier towns a far east as Carlisle, and so they did right up until General Forbes' campaign in 1758

Following the victorious Forbes campaign, a truce existed until raids began again in 1764 when a girl named Dysart was murdered near Big Spring. Colonel Henry Bouquet led a

Visit our Events page to find information on past and future events including the celebration of the Return of the Captives, and also the upcoming Historic Carlisle Inc Tavern Dinner!


During each year, Historic Carlisle arranges events ranging from the installation and dedication of new Historic Markers, through the Annual Tavern Dinner, the Carlisle Summerfair Historic Walking Tours, and major events such as the presentation of "Jefferson and Adams", a performance by the noted Williamsburg troupe which was held in the Carlisle Theatre, and which was provided at no charge to a wildly enthusiastic audience!

In between times, there is of course a plethora of social events for members!

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