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On July 1, 1863 this man's soldiers shelled Carlisle!

Could that be why the South lost the Battle of Gettysburg?

Many people believe that because J.E.B. Stuart was here in Carlisle raiding the town for supplies, instead of following his orders to be at Gettysburg, General Lee was without his best reconnaissance group, and therefore did not know the strength of the Union Army arrayed before him. After leaving Carlisle, Stuart's army was held up by the forces of Union General Gregg, and because of this Stuart only arrived in Gettysburg in time to cover Lee's retreat to Virginia.

Carlisle history is full of these pivotal moments from the days of the French and Indian War, right through to the present time when global strategies are developed at the Army War College at Carlisle Barracks for use by the highest levels of the nation's military.

Visit our Events page to find information on past and future events including the celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg!


During each year, Historic Carlisle arranges events ranging from the installation and dedication of new Historic Markers, through the Annual Tavern Dinner, the Carlisle Summerfair Historic Walking Tours, and major events such as the presentation of "Jefferson and Adams", a performance by the noted Williamsburg troupe which was held in the Carlisle Theatre, and which was provided at no charge to a wildly enthusiastic audience!

In between times, there is of course a plethora of social events for members!

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