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French & Indian War 250th Commemoration Event
Dedication of the Forbes Trail Medallion

Skip Ebert On October 18, 2008 at 5pm, the members of Historic Carlisle, led by Fr Mark Scheneman, dedicated the Forbes Trail Medallion.

The Colcom Foundation of Pittsburgh provided funding for this and six other medallions, located at the gateway towns on the Forbes Trail as part of the foundation’s overall support of Pittsburgh 250th celebration. Mark Scheneman
HCI Members “These markers commemorate General John Forbe’s epic passage across Pennsylvania. Creation of the Forbes Trail tested the ingenuity and persistence of our forebears,” said John F. Rohe, Vice-President of Philanthropy, Colcom Foundation. “The trail imparts shared gratitude for the past, a sense of place for the present and a path to the future as we imagine what we can do here.”

French & Indian War 250th Commemoration Event
Candlelight Tours of Colonial Carlisle

AHEC Image
On July 7, the members of Historic Carlisle acted as colonial guides and led groups of visitors
through the streets of historic Carlisle visiting French & Indian War era sites and landmarks.

Black boys Martha May, Camp Follower
James Smith, whose murder trial included
forensic evidence!
Martha May - a camp follower.

French & Indian War 250th Commemoration Event
Forbes Encampment at Carlisle 1758

In May of 1758, Brigadier General John Forbes launched a campaign to seize Fort Duquesne (now Pittsburgh) from French forces. General Forbes mustered troops in Carlisle and carved a road west (on what is now known as the Forbes Trail) for this historic victory.

Relive the encampment of the 18th century troops in Carlisle as British and Colonial reenactment units bivouac for two days. Meet Gen John Forbes and witness the muster and drilling of troops, sick call, camp life and campfire cooking, children's puppet show, etc. In the evening, enjoy the music and merriment as colonial dancers demonstrate their intricate steps. Colonial services Sunday at the camp.

F&I Indian Image
77th Regiment of Foote, Montgomery's Highlanders, Grenadier Company
77th Regiment of Foote, Montgomery's Highlanders, Light Infantry
MaryLand Forces, Dagworthy's
Captain Trent's Company
Augusta Battalion, Pennsylvania Provincials
Roger's Rangers
Donegal Riflemen (including Native Americans)
The Pennsylvania German Regiment
Weiser's Battalion, Pennsylvania Provincials

F&I Highlanders
F&I cannon
Took place: June 7 & 8, 2008

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Forbes Expeditionary Troops re-enactment June 2008

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